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Magnolia Moon Monday - Motivation on a Monday

Posted on 16 November 2015

Mondays can be tough. The start to a new work week, the end to a fun weekend, and, in my experience, everything always seems to go wrong on Mondays. But, why should Mondays be so bad; why should Mondays mentally break us; why should Mondays beat us?

They shouldn't and we won't let them win. Not today, not again. 

So I am going to tell you the secret to winning on a Monday - Confidence.

Something as simple as a good hair day, a new sweater or the perfect outfit can be enough to turn your day around, to make your day not feel like a "Monday." The confidence that you can get from wearing what makes you feel good can be enough to beat Monday for once. An article published by Vogue, "Confidence Dressing: How Clothing Affects the Mind," discusses the scientific data behind this claim - so I promise I'm not just making outlandish claims about the power of apparel. 

Whether your outfit gives you the confidence to talk to the cute boy you've been eyeing, the confidence to walk into your job interview with an extra bit of pep in your step, or just an unstoppable, can-do attitude, it's enough to turn your Monday around.  

Clothing can show people who you are without having to say a word. And don't you want everyone to know that you are the confident, talented, go-getter that you know you are? So get up, put on your favorite outfit and conquer this Monday as if you never doubted that you could. 

Here at Magnolia Moon we want to help you get this confidence! So come in and check out our wonderful fall pieces and find your own personal power outfit.


Look Good, Feel Good,

- D


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