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Mix and Match Separates are In for Spring and Summer 2016

Posted on 15 February 2016

Mix and matching separates is nothing new, yet this trend that took hold of women’s fashion in the 1970s remains strong. This means tons of fun loading up your closet with pieces that can be worn in so many ways. Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips on how to pair those trendy tops and bottoms for something new everyday.

Compliment Those Basics

You already have clean and casual separates ranging from that perfect black tee to a flawlessly fitting grey slack. Pair your modern clothing choices up with something funky and trending! That black tee carries tons of potential. Match it with these patterned MinkPink “Getaway” Shorts or a unique herringbone shirt. The options are endless but keep the office look casual with the addition of a pop of color or playful patterns.

Color Blocking

Step outside your comfort zone of black and white, or neutrals with this playful mix and match trend. Color blocking is pretty simple and utilizes bold, solid colored separates. Try matching your tops and bottoms by using analogous or complementary colors, which means they’re next to each other or across from each other on the color wheel respectively.

Pattern Play

This season, the way to go is playing with unique spring and summer prints. Take your favorite pair of leggings and add a simple patterned top like this Polly Sleeveless. Or be bold and pick a color blocked top to go with that next unique print skirt you find. Compliment the colors by choosing the dominant color out of the print and utilize that as your solid matching piece.

Come visit us at our boutique in Fort Collins, CO or visit us online. You’ll always find the next separate piece to add to your mix and match collection.

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