Intimidated by Animal Print? Read This.

In case you haven’t noticed, cheetah print is everywhere, and we mean EVERYWHERE. When Cameron and I ventured to the Atlanta Apparel Market in early June, it was as if cheetah print had thrown up on all eighteen floors worth of garments. It’s no secret that cheetah print goes hand-in-hand with a lot of feelings and a lot of commentary. For some of us, the print takes us back to the 70s. For all my millennial peeps and me, it reminds us of The Cheetah Girls movies, middle school dances, the smell of Axe body-spray, and puberty.

I love you Ri Ri, but the cheetah tunic over the skinny jeans with the snakeskin bag is not your best look. Cheetah print is loud, so for those of us with already loud personalities, it can be quite intimidating. We don’t want any article of clothing stealing our shine, duh. Men also don’t react well to animal print; I think they are equally intimidated by it. They think either you are going to be bold and talk about your stance on abortion on the first date, or you are going to make a scene in the middle of the restaurant when your salmon is under cooked. This is all beside the point because (1) we dress for ourselves, not men and (2) you should 100% be sending back that under cooked salmon!!

I doubt any of you readers have taken time out of your precious lives to research the anatomy of wild cats. Look no further; we decided to do the job for you. Cameron and I have thrown around the word cheetah so much this summer that we decided to fact-check ourselves. It’s like boasting about a new collection of sterling silver jewelry, but then you come to find out it’s actually nickel silver. Cheetah spots are equally spaced, solid dots. Leopard is usually a golden-brown background with black spots that resemble a horseshoe shape. So, to be politically correct, most of what we saw at the Mart was Leopard print. A lot of you don’t know the difference between cheetah print or leopard print, nor how you would wear it in your everyday life. That’s OKAY; we are here to help! Integrating cheetah or leopard or jaguar (or whatever you want to call it) into your wardrobe is relatively easy, and we are going to show you some tangible and effortless ways to do it.

    Small Touches: You do not need to be dressing in head-to-toe animal print to master this trend! There are easy ways to incorporate it through accessories like hair scarves, earrings, shoes, or belts.







    Feeling Pretty Good About It: If you vibe with cheetah print, show a little more of it through blouses, trendy midi skirts, or pants!






    Bury Me in Animal Print: If you are CRAZY about the camel and black dots, wear this print on your staple pieces (e.g., satin scoop-neck dress, wrap dress, jumpsuit).                   




    July 17, 2019 — Lauren Janis



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